Wolf Brigade

The Litany of the Wolves

Much of history is written by historians or journalists seeking fame. The story of WB and much of rubi-ka is about conflict. Understand there are always 3 sides to every story of conflict. The winners, the losers, and the truth. Sometimes those stories match, most times they don't. When they don't it is up to the reader to decide what to believe, this is one of those stories...
The first Wolf was actually not a Wolf at all. The first Wolf was a member of the Dust Brigade. Although not in the traditional sense. Often times people of Rubi-Ka do work for unknown employers. For simplicity we will call this particular agent Wolf1. Wolf 1 was assigned to disruption activities that included planting wierd looking bombs throughout Tir and Omni Entertainment. However not being well funded led to this particular cell to be discovered during an operation in Clan territories with the bulk of it's membership imprisoned. The remaining 2 members split up and 1 fled to Rome the other to Newland City. Wolf 1 was one of the original 6 to found Wolf Brigade. Only Psikie knows the identity of Wolf 1. Even the org name pays tribute to Wolf 1's Dust Brigade origins. Wolf Brigade began as a mercenary outfit that was primarily hired for escourt services of dignitaries across Rubi-Ka before yalms were common. Bounty hunting criminals and item retrieval services were also common for WB members. Psikie is also credited with helping Queen Fleshreaper found the Nanomage Liberation Front and provide free neutral training services to new arrivals on Rubi-Ka Many graduates going on to greatness in Circle G, Divine Retribution, and The Defiant.
The notum wars brought about new funding options and WB was quick to settle into land control. The relative quiet was not to last as various clans united in an attempt to isolate and annex neutral lands and their territories that even Omni Tek considered sovereign to neutrals. This led to a secret deal with a Dust Brigade agent that brought Loren Warr, brother of Ian Warr and her mercenaries to guard Newland City from clanners. Elite Operations primarily funded the mercenaries while it was Wolf Brigade (Wolf 1) who negotiated the terms with the Dust Brigade agent. However we were betrayed by the very mercenaries we helped hire. Once the clan threat was no more the mercenaries refused to leave Newland City.
Thus was born the Neutral Guard Initiative. Again Wolf Brigade played a critical role in this event. This time however we would not be duped. Again partnering with Elite Operations, Circle G, Independant Rubikans and several other neutral orgs we contacted neutral jobe scientists to purchase armor for the formal Newland City guard. Wolf Brigade also donated the reflect shield nanos and weapons for all the guards as well.
Now dear reader you have been given a glimpse into the Wolves Litany. Now I will tell you about....(bzzzzt) END TRANSMISSION